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Personal Injury Law


In California there are so many freeways that car accidents are something we don’t have control over. So many people every year face a car accident that leaves them badly injured. They have to go through legal proceedings and have no one to turn to for help. When you have faced an automotive and car accident, it’s vital that you get help from a personal injury attorney. You can be fairly compensated if you hire an experienced and practiced personal injury attorney.

At The Fuentes Law Firm experience dealing with the insurance companies and resolving the issues promptly. Each and every car accident is taken seriously by our attorney, who has the proficiency to deal with any kind of car accident case. Our car accident lawyers have settled 95% of their cases out of court.

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and that’s why our car accident lawyers leave no stone unturned to please the client. Our car accident attorney takes care of everything from getting essential paperwork done to contacting insurance companies. Expertise and professionalism are hallmarks of our accident lawyer. We completely understand the trauma and injuries a car crash can cause. The worst part about car accidents is that often times because someone else was not following safety rules, you may have to pay the price.

Our auto accident attorney work very hard to make sure your auto accident claim is quickly processed and you get the largest benefit possible. Auto accidents can shake up anyone, and our auto accident attorney completely realize this.

It’s always better to hire the services of a great car accident law firm to make sure you receive the highest claim possible. We at The Fuentes Law firm will provide you with the best car accident lawyer who will ensure that you are aptly compensated. You will be happy to know that our brilliant car accident attorneys are members of one of the nations best car accident attorneys law firm.


The LAW provides injured people with VALUABLE RIGHTS; but those rights can be LOST by GUESSING about the value of your case or by DELAY - Evidence can be lost, Witnesses can forget & the "STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS" can expire! DELAY can cost you THOUSANDS!


Our attorney will represent you in court; however, on behalf of our clients we have successfully settled OVER 95% of our cases OUT OF COURT.


  • Adjusters deal with an injured person ONLY ONCE they have to deal with us EVERY DAY!
  • There are 10 TACTICS Adjusters use that cost you $$$.
  • We'll tell you 3 QUESTIONS to ask the Adjuster that will TEST whether they are treating you FAIRLY.
  • Insurance Companies are OBLIGATED to their stockholders AND the NEGLIGENT person who caused your injuries - NOT YOU!
  • Insurance Companies have Enormous ADVANTAGES: vast wealth, Armies of sharp adjusters and lawyers, and at least 60 LEGAL DEFENSES to Minimize or Deny your Compensation.
  • There is NO LEGAL FORMULA regulating the Compensation due an injured Person.
  • If you were injured by an uninsured driver, your own company is your OPPONENT, even though YOU MUST COOPERATE with them!