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Chapter 7

If you already have a high credit card debt, medical bills, lawsuits or even TAXES, Chapter 7 may be a way for you to eliminate (discharge) all those debts.

We also called Chapter 7 a “liquidation,” as we are going to LIQUIDATE or eliminate all your debts.

A bankruptcy, Chapter 7 cases typically last around 4 months after the initial filing date. You will receive a Bankruptcy Discharge (legal elimination of debts) and your obligation to debtors will be over, you will be free from debts and start a new life free from anoying phone call, afraid of answering the phone, hiding from your creditors.

Together, we will determine if this chapter is the best route for you, we will assess the timing of your bankruptcy and take the best of it. If some other consultants, have determined that your income is too high for a Chapter 7 procedure, we can explore a Chapter 13 venue.

Immediately after you file for bankruptcy Chapter 7, all creditor collection activity will stop. There is an “automatic stay” that will protect you from the harassing phone calls, bank levies, wages garnishment, eviction process, you name it. It will also stop a foreclosure or eviction (temporarily) and permanently will stop your creditors from collecting their debts for those debts that are covered by your discharge.