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We help the Immigrated Community Legalize. Take advantage of the new executive orders. Sign by Obama.

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Welcome to our website. For the past 19 years that our firm has been practicing exclusively in the field of Immigration and Naturalization. We represent client in all levels of immigration, from petitions and applications to representation in Immigration Court, District Courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We provide fast and efficient service for our clients to facilitate achieving their goals smoothly.

Immigration processes and barriers are complicated and at times very difficult for an untrained person to handle. Not only we undertake representing our clients, we explain the procedure and potential issues to our clients to ascertain their awareness of the process. Confidentiality is of utmost importance with each.

Our pride and success lies in the fact that our clients are our biggest source of advertisement and indication of our work. Clients of 15 or 18 years ago recommend and refer their friends and relatives to our office. Each and every client is treated with enthusiasm and we strive to uphold the highest standard of professionalism.